Roberson Walk - Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm an older student who happens to be enrolled in an undergraduate program?

While you may be a great tenant, we cannot accommodate you. That's because if we make an exception to the policy, then under the law, we won't be able to rent exclusively to graduate and professional students in the future.

What do you mean by professional program?

Some programs at UNC-Chapel Hill are graduate level programs, but not part of the Graduate School. If the program that you're enrolled in requires an undergraduate degree as a prerequisite, and your degree results in a professional affiliation, then you probably qualify. For example, certain nursing and business degrees are considered professional. Need more clarification? Send an email to

Do you accept pets?

Hey, we're animal lovers and understand why you'd ask. Unfortunately, the answer is no. No exceptions, including no pet visitors. It's one of the many ways that we're able to keep costs down, and when our costs are lower, we're able to keep the rent competitive.

What if I want to move out during the lease?

No problem. Our leases run August to July. We have a process called drop/add that allows a qualified tenant to take your place. It's more involved than subletting, since both the tenant group and we (the landlord) will need to approve the prospective tenant. The process works, you'll just need to find someone who is a good fit.

Why are there only 4 parking spaces allotted to 6 tenants in each apartment?

It's a requirement from the Town of Chapel Hill that they issued when we developed the property. It usually works out fine, since there are some students who don't have a car. Currently, it is also possible to park on the street, by obtaining a parking permit from the Town of Chapel Hill.

You mentioned that it's a quiet place. Does that mean no parties?

Responsible parties are fine. We want you to enjoy the property, including having parties that don't damage relations with other tenants, your neighbors or damage our property.

Roberson policies

Roberson Walk is not operated like a large apartment complex. Since we manage the property that we own, we have a vested interest in your satisfaction and the condition of our property. Most of our policies are standard, for example, we use a standard lease document.

Some of our policies/practices are different, and are important to keeping your rent price low. For example, we provide picture moulding and hooks so that it isn't necessary to put holes in the walls and trim, or tape anything to the walls. Since we do not whitewash the walls each year with cheap paint, this keeps rooms looking nicer longer.

For safety reasons, we manage the keys for each apartment so that we know if a key is lost at lease end. We rekey the unit and issue new keys when one is lost. We replace light bulbs and cooling/heating system filters for you.